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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve individuals' health and well-being by developing and applying innovative technologies, such as gamified digital therapeutics, smart wearable technology, and Extended Reality (XR).
By focusing on deciphering the brain and understanding its connection to various health conditions, Xeuron aims to revolutionize the way people manage their health in a holistic, engaging, and accessible manner.
The company's ultimate goal is to positively impact people's lives and contribute to a healthier society, while exploring a wide range of applications for its AI platform in various industries, such as healthcare, mental health, gaming, sports, marketing, and pharmaceuticals.

Our Story

Our story began when our founder, Siddharth Nair, was inspired by his mother's illness to create a medical device that could monitor vital signs and help in early diagnosis of health issues.


This personal experience fueled Siddharth's passion for combining technology and healthcare, leading him to establish, a deep technology startup.

The company focuses on gamified digital therapeutics and smart wearable technology to decipher the brain, which directly or indirectly controls the body and is responsible for many health conditions. aims to understand the brain better and develop solutions with wide-ranging applications in healthcare, mental health, gaming, sports, marketing, and pharmaceuticals.

Our flagship product, ReLive, is a revolutionary holistic wellness platform that utilizes Extended Reality (XR) features and physical gameplay to manage health and well-being. ReLive provides immersive environments for users to engage in physical activities while receiving real-time brain function, body mechanics, and cognitive analytics data. This innovative platform offers a unique and engaging experience that helps individuals manage their health in a holistic way, promoting healthy aging and improved overall wellness.

Pioneering the Future of Ageing, Longevity, and Brain Science

We are  an interdisciplinary group of passionate researchers from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and NID Ahemdabad. We have set an ambitious goal to unravel the mysteries of the brain, with a specific focus on ageing and longevity.


We believe that deciphering the brain's inner workings will pave the way for advancements in wellness and healthy ageing, as well as providing valuable insights for various other fields, including neuromorphic computing, space exploration, defense, avionics, and supercomputers.

The Brain -Ultimate Black Box

The human brain, often referred to as the body's control center, has long been an enigma to scientists. Despite decades of research, our understanding of the brain remains limited. We seek to delve deeper into this uncharted territory, exploring the intricate connections between neurons and their impact on the body's processes, particularly those related to ageing.

Connecting the Facets of Life

Our primary focus, is an ambitious project that aims to link different aspects of human life to better understand wellness and promote healthy ageing. Inspired by the neurons that connect the body with the brain, Xeuron will examine how various lifestyle factors, environmental influences, and genetic predispositions interact with the brain to affect the ageing process.

Implementing Brain Science in Diverse Fields

We envisions a future where the groundbreaking discoveries in brain science are applied across an array of fields. Our research has the potential to revolutionize neuromorphic computing, leading to more efficient and powerful artificial intelligence systems. Additionally, the team's findings could have far-reaching implications for space exploration, defense strategies, avionic systems, and the development of next-generation supercomputers.

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