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MAG PRO - Rehab

Embracing the standards of FMA, Motricity Index, WMFT, and Grip Strength for biomechanical games, and MOOCA and MMSE for cognitive games, our suite of 30 purpose-built games is a game-changer in acute neurorehabilitation. Specifically designed to aid in the recovery of patients, these games are ideal for exercises targeting upper extremities and power. Our proprietary tracking technology, comprising a camera system, optical markers, and inertial measurement units, captures even the most subtle intended movements, magnifying them within the gameplay. This precision allows patients to regain control and strength in a fun, engaging, and highly effective way.

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Success Coach 
Siddharth Nair

Rehab games based on FMA, Motricity Index, WMFT, Grip Strength standards for Bio-Mechanical Games and MOOCA, MMSE standards for Cognitive Games.

What We Offer

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