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Revolutionising Preventive Healthcare with ReLive

AI-Powered, Comprehensive, and Accessible


Bio & Digital  

Marker and Genetics

ReLive program operates at the cutting-edge of healthcare, utilising AI, physics, and biology to redefine the physical exam process. By combining advanced  insights with lab tests, genetics, and vital stats, ReLive offers a comprehensive and automated approach to preventive healthcare. It prioritised efficient and personalised patient care with at your door.

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss- JustPlay

​We won't tell you what not to eat, Just Play and have fun!!

ReLive Weight Loss Program  is a comprehensive 3 to 6-month journey designed to achieve sustainable weight loss. It encompasses expert-led consultations and personalised plans focusing on Lab test, physical activity, and mental wellness. The program integrates technology for tracking and guidance, ensuring adherence and progress. Our unique elements include gamified fitness games, enhancing engagement and effectiveness, and a holistic approach to tackling obesity-related complications. 

Diabetic Reversal

Diabetic Reversal

The ReLive Diabetic Reversal Program  integrates gamified fitness into diabetes management. This unique approach combines personalized diet and exercise plans, including fun and engaging fitness games, with regular monitoring of blood glucose levels. The program focuses on achieving better blood sugar control, reducing dependency on medications, and improving overall physical fitness and mental wellness. It's a comprehensive, tech-enabled solution designed to make managing and reversing diabetes more interactive and effective.

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Women Health

ReLive and offer a tailored approach to women's health and menopause, combining comprehensive diagnostics with personalised digital therapies. This approach focuses on muscle strengthening, cognitive wellness, and overall well-being, ensuring a smooth transition through pre and post-menopausal phases with targeted, effective care.

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