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Gamified Rehabilitation

MAG Services: Quick Setup, Equipment Enhancement, and Customized Gaming for a tailored wellness journey.


Install MAG Pro Console 

Gamified rehabilitation games embracing the standards of FMA, Motricity Index, WMFT, and Grip Strength for biomechanical games, and MOOCA and MMSE for cognitive games, our suite of 30 purpose-built games is a game-changer in acute neuro-rehabilitation.


Gamify Your Equipments

Enhance Your Equipment with One Simple Add-On.

Elevate your existing equipment effortlessly with our singular add-on, seamlessly integrating with MAG Pro. This customization option transforms your facility, enriching it with advanced gamification features for an enhanced experience.


Customise Game Console

Game Customization: Tailored Experiences for your patients.

Our game customization offers personalized gameplay, adapting to individual preferences and needs for a unique, engaging experience.

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