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MAG 1.0

A Health and Wellness-Centric Gaming Console.

MAG 1.0 

Where Gaming Innovates for Health and Wellness

MAG 1.0 gaming console  is transforming neurorehabilitation with cutting-edge digital therapies that focus on muscle strengthening, standard physiotherapy exercises, and cognitive function enhancement. Our system provides customized, scientifically-backed interventions for upper-limb control, lower limb strengthening, and overall body movement therapies. Featuring state-of-the-art tracking technology, ensures accurate capture and analysis of movement, facilitating effective and targeted rehabilitation.


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MAG Pro- Rehab

We employs advanced tracking and immersive digital therapies for effective rehabilitation. It enhances muscle and cognitive recovery through tailored interventions for upper and lower limbs. This precise technology accelerates recovery, making it ideal for professional rehab environments.


Mind MAG - Growing Kids

Designed for developmental support, MAG 1.0 engages children in cognitive and motor skill games. It boosts brain function, coordination, and learning through interactive, fun experiences. Its technology fosters a healthy, active growth environment, making learning enjoyable and effective.

Mind MAG

MAG AIR - Wellness

For families, MAG 1.0 offers a holistic wellness solution. It combines entertainment with health benefits, promoting physical activity and mental agility. Suitable for all ages, it's perfect for maintaining overall family health, making wellness a shared, enjoyable experience at home.


MAG 1.0 Game Numbers


Rehab -Biomechanics Games


Game - Growing Kids


Rehab -

Cognitive Games



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