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Neuro Marketer

Gives you the ability to deeply understand and influence

consumer behaviour.

Neuro Marketing Console

Neuro Marketing Console

- Uses Cognitive Function Tracking

- Eye tracking & Face coding

- Bio-Mechanical Tracking

- Psychological Behaviour Analysis

- Analysis of Experience and 

emotionally driven Decisions.


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We Provide

Games for tracking Cognitive function & Bio- Mechanical Function understanding how consumers' brains react to different stimuli.


Eye-tracker & Facial Coding to provide insights into the emotional engagement of consumers.


Customisation Game Design Considering insights into how to reposition the brand in the minds of consumers effectively.

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Gamified Neuromarketing

Gamified Neuromarketing:  Allows for the measurement of real-time, subconscious responses to marketing stimuli.


Longer: More involved participation, allowing for the collection of more extensive data


 Experience: Memorable experience for participants, leading to stronger brand recall and association

Partner with us

Worlds first Ethical  Neuro-Marketing Console.
No trackers, No wearable. Just play games and have fun. 

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