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MAG Air for Family Wellness: Enhancing Health Across Generations


MAG 1.0 is the ultimate solution for family wellness, offering a diverse range of games suitable for kids, elderly, and aged individuals. This innovative system brings the benefits of home therapy and telerehabilitation into your living room:

  • Easy Setup and Customization: With a setup and calibration time of less than 5 minutes, MAG 1.0 is user-friendly and easily integrates into your daily routine. The therapy programs are fully customizable, allowing each family member to have a tailored experience.

  • Remote Monitoring and Tailored Therapy: Each patient’s therapy program can be remotely monitored and adjusted by healthcare professionals, ensuring personalized and effective treatment.

  • Engaging for All Ages: The games are designed to be inclusive and engaging for all ages, focusing on cognitive and physical health. For kids, the games make learning fun and interactive. For the elderly, they provide gentle exercises to maintain agility and mental sharpness.

  • Unlimited Daily Usage: There's no limit to how much you can use MAG 1.0, allowing for consistent and flexible therapy sessions tailored to each individual’s schedule and needs.

  • Live Video Sessions: The system includes the option for live video sessions with healthcare professionals, offering guidance, support, and a more personalized approach to wellness.

MAG Air - Wellness

SKU: 364215376135191
₹90,999.00 Regular Price
₹54,599.40Sale Price
    • Wellness Games
    • Bio-Mechanical Games
    • Cognitive Games
    • Unlimited gaming hours
    • Game analytics - Cognitive & 
    • Up to 4 User Profile

    Gaming Console 

    • i5 System, 16 GB

    Movable Camera 

    • 30 Fps
    • 1 Tripod
    • 1 TV Clip Holder


    • Games Designed for Kids, Adults and Elderly
    • Game score based analytics on cognition & Bio mechanics
    • Unlimited game access for 1 year.
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